We supply pharmaceutical and medical industry with our MARFRAN.MED brand.

MARFRAN.MED® is produced in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (standards for the production of medical products).

The MARFRAN.MED transformation processes are carried out in a new, highly automated white room subject to special, purpose-built cleaning procedures. We chose the best technology to guarantee the customer the highest level of quality in fact each compound must pass strict final grain selection checks through an optical system.

We certify each compound according to:

ISO 10993 (guideline for the biocompatibility, safety and implantability of medical devices)

USP Class VI (standard for quality, purity, strength and consistency of the American pharmacopoeia). We passed the highest-level class (Class VI) because our compound exhibits a low level of toxicity passing all the tests.

The product range finds an application in the production of numerous semi-finished products dedicated to the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

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